Client Reviews


"I've used John several times in the past. Not only is John conscientious about his workmanship, his prices are very reasonable. I recommend him to family and friends - I won't use another company."
-Brian Schipper


"Wow. I was in a complete panic when I came home to a flooded kitchen. Luckily John was out within the hour, located the slab leak and I was on the way to fixing it that evening. The service was incredibly affordable - without tearing up my kitchen floor!!! Thanks John!"
-Amy Lex


" I had two previous leak detection companies out to find my leak. Three holes in the floor later I finally called Arizona Leak Detection. They were here for only a short time and marked my leak. They were the only company to give a "pinpoint guarantee". I will never use any other company again. "


"We had been digging for almost two days looking for the sewer line in front of the house. Arizona Leak Detection quickly located it. It was exactly where they marked it. I should have called sooner. In the long run it was cheaper and did less damage to my home and yard."


"We had a slab leak. I did not want to destroy our expensive imported floor tile. We were told the only way to fix it was to break the floor. We looked for a second opinion. Arizona Leak Detection gave a quick answer, "we haven't had a job yet that can't be done. Some just take a little longer". They did what I was told could not be done. I will always refer this company."